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Inauguration Board of Directors

UNESCO Center for Global Education Inaugurate Board of Directors

New York-August 6,2017—The UNESCO Center for Global Education, a chapter of the U.S Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations (UNESCOCFORGE-USFUCA) is pleased to announce the appointment and inauguration of its Board of Directors. 

UNESCOCFORGE-USFUCA is thrilled that such a renowned personality of individuals will be working on its vision and mission as Board of Directors to serve the best interests of educating today for tomorrow on the USFUCA, THE UNESCO and the 2030 Development Agenda, says Ambassador Guy Djoken, Chairman, U.S Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations (USFUCA).

In his inauguration message Ambassador Djoken welcomed the Board of Directors and urge them to offer dedicated services to the work of the U.S. Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations, the UNESCO and the Development Agenda as grassroots marshals and ambassadors.

In his response the Chair to the Board, Honorable Stan Straughter apprehended the message of the Chairman of USFUCA and assured that the composition of the Board of Directors for UNESCO Center for Global Education is strong enough to move both the mission of the organization, the mission of the Federation, the 2030 Agenda and the UNESCO agenda to its greatest height especially in reaching out globally.

He further noted the members of the Board came up at a most opportune time when their collective skills, knowledge and full participation is necessary in turning global issues around. “I have expressed my faith in their ability to get it where it aspires to be, Hon Straughter affirmed”

The following went through the oath of their office as conducted by Ambassador Guy Djoken, the Chairman of USFUCA  

Honorable Stan Straughter   Chair to the BoardUNESCO CENTRE

Prof Alan Saunders           Advisor, Education

Dr. Ifem Emmanuel Orji      Dean of Education and Academic Affairs

Ambassador Daboya Djisso       Director, Finance

Dr. Marilyn John                   Director, Strategic Partnerships

Princess Angelique Monét   Director, Cultural Education and HUG4PEACE

Dr. Ada Menakaya-Okika       Secretary, Board of Director

They were congratulated after the oath by Ambassador Djoken

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