Education Solution


The UNESCO-UN Pathway Educa­tion program is a groundbreaking program to help students and youths learn Model UN and lead their delegates to success. As usual the program exposes students to

  • teach fundamental MUN skills including research, public speaking, resolution writing, and procedure
  • receive lesson plans, worksheets, and access to online videos
  • participate in their own MUN simulations

During this time students visit UN missions and are briefed on the work of the Mission to the United Nations. The summer program is held from July 13 to July 28,2015. UNESCO Center for Global Education is calling for registration of students from your school to the 2015 Summer program. Attached is the filer information of the program. Group Visa application will be made for all registered students in the month of May 2015.

It is expected that the students will on return start a UNESCO-UN Model Pathway Education Clubs in the to work with us in brining the knowledge learned to the Campus community in the school.

We will be pleased to have participation of good number of students in understanding of the intending mission to establish UN-UNESCO Model Club in your school. The leaders will be oriented during the summer program.


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