uncfaUtilizing Sports in Embracing Sustainable Development Agenda United Africa Football Club With the gradual move into the 2030 development Agenda, the UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon had noted that “Sport plays an important role in society. Sports encourages individuals to take on challenges, build strong relationships and strive with others towards shared goals.   Sports help keep kids in school, promote leadership skills and healthy lifestyles, and empower marginalized people. And at times of conflict and unrest, sport can help provide victims with space to heal and grow. The adoption of the 17 set of goals and its target has positioned sustainable development agenda to include all that are needed to ensure that every of the goal and targets achieve its Readmore


ballUnited African Footbal Club Brochure. African Cultural Promotion Inc has the mission of promoting African culture through education with focus on Africa fashion, African nutrition, Cultural sports. African Cultural Promotion Inc provides Eminent Africa Personal-ity Education to children and youth of Africa for the the continuity of African race and integrative Clickhere to download.


 UNESCO CENTER FOR GLOBAL EDUCATION HANDBOOK. In 1945, UNESCO was created in order to respond to the firm belief of nations, forged by two world wars in less than a generation that political and economic agreements are not enough to build a lasting peace. Peace must be established on the basis of humanity’s moral and intellectual solidarity. UNESCO strives to build networks among nations that enable this kind of solidarity, by: Readmore


United Africa Football Club( UAFBC) Proposal. in addressing the transformation agenda will kick off this year's global Africa soccer tournament to bring Africa youth and students attention to the signi´Çücant need of uniting Africa for sustainability through sports and development. United Africa Football Club is born to expand our horizon in being part of the new era in contribution to the Africa 2063 and World 2030 Agenda.We are in the era of transformation and all must be involved to achieve the ambitious successes. Sports for sustainability is the only strong tower to hold during wars and in the era of violence, school dropouts, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, family disintegration, parent's/child relationship and the sustainable growth of Africa. Bringing these issues to caution in the minds of our youth and students is the underlying strength of UAFBC in the HUG4Peace Campaign. As United Nations has declared, the 2030 agenda of Leave No One Behind, Africa Youth and Students across the world will channel their psychomotive-affective skills and talent to African sports and through this UAFBC Will begin on time to position themselves to the 2063 Agenda of Union and Africa sports development. Readmore

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