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Dr.Ada Okika

Published: Thursday, 10 August 2017 Written by CHINONSO

 Dr.Ada Okika

 Secretary to the Board

  Ada Okika is an educationist and currently the Executive Director for UNESCO Center for        Global Education, a chapter of the U.S Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and    Association where she develops program strategies, organize education and training, carryout research and ensure successful implementation of initiatives. Her strengths in developing ideas into programs and building a top-performing initiative have earned repeated commendations and formal recognition from people she has worked with. She is a School    proprietor and author. She had written and co-authored 12 books in used in schools.

Ada Okika is a recipient of awards such as Community Leader Award, Gender Advocate Award and Woman for the Millennium Award. She is also a Global Ambassador for Peace. She is committed with passion to the sustainable future of children, youth and young adults, women and girls; and has established program to help in providing the support assistance to the future the world wants. She is committed to the overall health being of women and runs a global campaign along the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3 and targets on My Sisters’ Health Watch Initiative. Her global passion is rooted on contributing to global education solutions in developing countries towards Sustainable development Gioal-4 and Targets.

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